EXCELTO provides complete staffing solutions
EXCELTO has a long history of providing highly qualified IT professionals to work in staff augmentation positions and as weel as a part of project teams.
EXCELTO consultants are screened for their relevant technical and work experience, communication skills and work ethic before being presented to a hiring manager. EXCELTO recognizes that its reputation is as good as its last placement and strives to only submit candidates that are a clear match with a customer�s requirements and at a competitive rate.
Many employers prefer a �try-before-you-buy� approach to bringing on full-time employees. Often, employees prefer this method of being hired as well because it gives them an opportunity to determine if the position, work environment and team are a good fit with their professional goals and skills.
EXCELTO recognizes that hiring a full time employee that brings continuing value to an organization is a complex and time-consuming task. Regardless of the talent available on the market at any given time, sourcing, screening and presenting the right candidates is a quality oriented process, and that is what EXCELTO professional recruiters do the best.