Staffing Quality Process

Staffing Quality Process

With our 10 long year of experience, we’ve built a refined process to ensure we deliver every time. Our Staffing Quality Process® is a defined, proven approach to hiring top IT talent. Our Staffing Quality Process enables us to find IT talent for over ------ clients annually.

Market Analysis

Understanding and studying market in terms of workforce solution give us better understanding for Supply-Demand of resources vs expectation for salary. Our account managers provide insight from local market analytics, annual customer and consultant surveys, active industry memberships and participation in local user groups. Customer Knowledge is essential when it comes to hire a right candidate as it start from knowing you- your business, your IT initiatives, your corporate culture. we can build an employee value proposition that top IT talent find relevant and compelling.

Active and Passive DB

You can’t rely on job boards alone. Some of the most talented IT professionals may be finishing up another assignment, aren’t actively searching or aren’t publicly visible. By utilizing a referral-based sourcing strategy and leveraging our massive network of IT professionals, we increase our selectivity, speed and effectiveness in finding top talent to meet your specific needs. And our national and global recruiting centers are dedicated to continuously building a pipeline of especially niche or hard-to-find skill sets.

Screening Process and Retention

You don’t have time to waste interviewing unqualified candidates, or worse, making a bad hire. We provide you with a fully vetted short list of IT professionals who match your requirements. We provide screening results and you have the option of speaking with the references yourself, so you can feel confident you’re making an informed hiring decision. And once you’ve picked someone, we can coordinate hiring processes, position preparation and onboarding so the new hire can ramp up to productivity as quickly as possible.
Retaining high-performing IT professionals is critical to the success of your IT projects. Every 30 days, we facilitate performance feedback with our consultants and hiring managers so we can proactively address any issues and help you plan for upcoming workforce needs. We employ a formal retention program with our consultants to provide them with continuous employment opportunities and facilitate smooth project transitions