Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
EXCELTO helps our clients stay competitive by converting data to intelligence for making better business decisions and make quicker responses to challenges. We help our clients select the best tool to providing a full suite of DW solutions. EXCELTO unique incrementally architected data mart approach and best practices deliver faster, better, and inexpensive data solutions.
Advanced Solutions Delivery :
EXCELTO helps clients solve intricate challenges in implementing large scale, complex, and business critical IT development and integration projects. EXCELTO provides cost-effective high-quality enterprise-level solutions for clients' most complex IT challenges. We provide solutions to challenging IT problems by combining our deep technology expertise, architecture capabilities and extensive project management skills. Our team has significant presence in delivering large scale and complex solutions using delivery processes that drive efficiencies in Product Development, Legacy Modernization, Business IT Planning and Technical Architecture Definition.
Business Process Outsourcing:
EXCELTO transforms our client's back office and call center into a best-in-class service. Tailored for specific industry processes rather than generic process outsourcing capabilities, EXCELTO BPO practice adds value by saving our client's money while dramatically improving and increasing the core process capabilities. We constantly endeavor to measure our performance against these goals.
Portal & Content Management:
EXCELTO enables our client's organization to access, share, and use a variety of content by dynamically aggregating content, functions, and features into a common workspace. By facilitating the governing, viewing, and managing of data and information, EXCELTO helps clients make more informed decisions and optimize the cost of information across the information life cycle.
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